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About Me

I work in a holistic way using my expertise in understanding how foods can be used to reduce inflammation, balance blood sugar and improve optimal

health, my knowledge of strength training and yoga to provide each client with a bespoke programme to help them achieve their goals.


I focus on fat loss and body composition, building strength, mobility, stability, flexibility and supporting your body to be strong so you can enjoy life to the fullest.


I focus on helping to educate you to becoming more aware of your bodies needs and what works best for you by supporting you to work with your body and not fight against it. 


It’s about creating a lifestyle that helps you to feel happy, healthy, energised and fulfilled. 

The Largest Global Research Study

1 in 10 women leave their jobs due to the consequences of menopause. To treat women collectively we have to understand them individually. Women need to be heard!

Please take the survey and share to businesses, charities, friends & family to spread awareness and receive one million responses.



Menopause Programmes

8 weeks or Monthly Plan

Personal Training

Pay as you go or block packages

Optimal Living

12 weeks

Food For You

8 weeks

Fat Loss and Balance Blood Sugar

12 weeks

Bespoke packages can be created for clients with specific need such as RA, digestive and gut issues, diabetes, obesity, and specialist needs.

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Menopause In The Workplace

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