About me

About 17 years ago when I realized my body wasn’t dealing with dairy and wheat. I had suffered with IBS since my early 20’s but hadn’t associated, that what I was eating was causing the problem. The advise given to me was to eat lots and lots of bran every day!

In my mid 30’s I began to suffer with severe migraines and painful and debilitating bloating which quite often had me bed ridden for days at a time.

The doctors kept prescribing me really strong pain killers, which made me even drowsier! Something had to change! I had two young children to look after and a business to run. I looked into Homeopathy which helped over time and I also decided to look at what I was doing before each episode. I discovered that each time I had an episode I had consumed either dairy or wheat and often a combination of the too. I took matters into my own hands and eliminated both from my diet. Over a period of months of attempting to reintroduce them and monitoring my health, I concluded that they definitely appeared to be the triggers. This was a moment of relief but also terrifying- what on earth could I eat in order to maintain a healthy balanced diet without reducing calcium and other food groups. I am an optimist and so I took on the challenge of experimenting in the kitchen and exploring options. There just had to be something out there. Well there was very little on the market and also very little known. People I spoke to though t I was going through a phase. My own mum continued to put butter or milk in foods and not tell me. She soon stopped when she saw the results of her actions, all be it with good intention!

So my journey of discovery and education into health and wellbeing began! Fortunately I have always been interested in food and had managed to ensure I cooked quick, healthy, homemade meals for my children. It was not easy but I took this knowledge and what I had learnt from people along I met along the way who have guided me and supported me to create recipes which I could eat but I could also share with family and friends.

I began to support parents at my Nursery whose children had suspected allergies. I began to introduce a menu for those with allergies and intolerances into the Nursery. I introduced the Glycemic Index into the menu at home and at the Nursery, reduced sugar and salt- and this was all in 2003 when it was considered very ‘new’ and there was very little understanding of it.

I have always been passionate about health, food and wellbeing and a believer in keeping things simple. I have created a range of recipes; some which can be prepared in 30 minutes, others for when you have more time, but all with the focus on being easy to make from scratch using whole ingredients and designed to be balanced to include proteins, good fats and other food groups and nutrients which are important for gut health. My recipes are predominantly dairy and gluten free but can be adapted to vegan as well as dairy and wheat inclusion. The recipes are all nutritionally analyzed so people; personal trainers, lifestyle coaches and everybody, can use them to build up a meal plan. My recipes and approach is to make it fun, quick and easy to get back into the kitchen to create meals where we are in control of what we are eating.

Why am I different?

  • I try to use everyday ingredients readily available in the shops.
  • I also explore other alternative ‘natural’ foods to help with balanced diet.
  • I don’t believe in detox or elimination but do believe that what we put inside our body will have an impact on our overall mental and physical health.
  • I believe we were made to move and that this is a vital component to mental and physical health.
  • I believe we need to look after our gut health to ensure maximum absorption and digestion of our food.
  • I believe using high quality ‘clean’ ingredient is the best option but understand the constraints on accessing these due to economic and geographical factors. It’s better to use the best whole ingredient you can and something you have ‘Made from Scratch’ than to opt for ready-made, highly processed options.
  • I am not a food snob; sometimes you want, need, have to eat what is out there. Have that pizza, take away, ready cooked meal. BUT know and understand what you are doing and how to maintain balance.

Good health and my recipes are for families as well as busy working couples and individuals and across all ages.

Knowledge is key to change and empowerment. With knowledge we can make the changes we need to take control back of our own health and well being. Especially in the world we live in where information is so readily available and can and is so confusing and contradictory. Let’s go back to a sensible approach and back to basics where food is Made from Scratch.