Rock-a-bye baby


Calms your mind after a stressful day, allowing a restful night’s sleep


Like many of us I have struggled with sleep over the years. This has been for various reasons and the struggle, whether it be falling asleep or waking at night, has also been different at various stages in my life and depending on what I have been going through. I am very sensitive to the effects of herbs and natural remedies so have found that other teas on the market have either been too strong, made me feel drowsy all day, hasn’t worked or have tasted horrible. I created this tea with all those factors in mind. The flavours are soothing and refreshing at the same time. This is a perfect pre-bedtime non-caffeine drink. Personally one small cup just before bed is enough for me but you can have it once a few hours before bed and then just before you are ready to sleep. It works well as part of your bedtime routine. It isn’t a magic cure but it helps as part of a sequence of steps to aid a better sleep.

  • Passion flower
  • Chamomile,
  • Clementine skins
  • Vanilla pod
  • Cinnamon
  • Valerian root

Good to know:
The pack contains 12 teabags and each tea bag can be reused for up to 3 cups.

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