Golden moon ghee


Rockrose Bay Golden Moon Ghee


Rockrose Bay, a small artisan company, make their Golden Moon Ghee using the traditional and ancient method. Their ghee is made from butter from a small herd of Jersey cows pasture-fed on grass, wild meadow flowers and herbs which are free from pesticides and fertilisers, on a  raw-milk, calf-at-foot micro-dairy farm. The milk is unpasteurised and homogenised, and the cows are milked just once a day ensuring their calves are free to nurse for the rest of the day. Happy cows! The ghee is cooked according to traditional methods of cooking, on the full and new moon, when its energetic influence is most potent.

The ghee is raw and organic and due to the traditional cooking process, the milk protein (lactose) is removed. This ghee has phenomenal healing properties, as well as being a great saturated fat to use for cooking as it does not denature at high heat. I also use it to mix with my Turmeric Mixture as a great way of increasing the turmeric’s efficacy.

Good to know:
Store in a cool dark place.



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