Activated dehydrated organic Brazil nuts


Activated dehydrated organic Brazil nuts


We use filtered water and Himalayan salt to soak our organic Brazil nuts for 18-25 hours, rinsing them several times throughout the process. The Brazil nuts are then dehydrated for 16 hours.

Why activate nuts and seeds?
Nuts and seeds are an important part of our diet but they could be preventing us from getting the most out of our food and also could be aggravating IBS or other digestive and inflammatory issues. 
This is because nuts and seeds contain anti-nutrients which stop our bodies from absorbing valuable minerals and other compounds from other foods consumed at the same time. They do this by attaching themselves to nutrients! By activating the nuts and seeds, we reduce these compounds which also make them easier to absorb and digest. Phytic acid is found in many nuts and seeds but by activating these, we can reduce the amount of this phytate and improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals. This also puts less strain on the digestive system and reduces the incidence of cramping and bloating.

  • Organic Brazil nuts
  • Himalayan salt

Contains NUTS

Please note – the specified weight is the weight of the contents before the activation process. During this process, some weight is lost in moisture due to dehydration.

Good to know:
Store in a cool dry place and consume within 14 days.
Made in small batches to ensure freshness.


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