Our terms and conditions

Good to know:

Store our teas in their original packaging in a cool dark place.
Teabags may appear discoloured, this is normal and will not affect the quality.

For storage directions for other products, please see their label.

Need to know:

Our teas are not a medicine and should not replace any prescribed medication. If you have any allergies or health problems contact your doctor before consuming. The teas are consumed at your own risk.


You can order our herbal teas online and we’ll deliver for FREE if you live in the UK. Our orders are sent out either 1st or 2nd class delivery by Royal Mail. We don’t delivery outside the UK not at the moment, but we are planning to in the future.

As the herbal teas are all handmade in small batches our usual delivery time is 3-4 days. Sometimes due to high demand, this could extend to 7-10 working days. Look out for an email informing you of the delivery date once you’ve placed your order. If you need the teas for a specific event (eg Birthday), we will try and accommodate you.