herbal teas

We use the healing power of plants in our herbal teas to support your health and wellbeing. They not only nourish but taste fantastic, that's why we make them all by hand with love.

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Happy tummy tea

This blend of ingredients combines to aid digestion and calm the body. It helps me with IBS symptoms such as bloating and abdominal spasms, whilst warming through the earthy flavour.

Detox reboot

This tea promotes healthy liver and kidney function, which sometimes get hindered by over-indulging or have an unbalanced work/life regime. This gives our organs some love and allows our bodies to cleanse and naturally ‘detox’.

A rose by any other name

Created for those times when hormones take over and my brain is overthinking things and for times when I need a sense of serenity and stillness. The blend of ingredients help reduce inflammation, support hormone balance, boost immunity and reduces anxiety.

The royal mint

This combination of three different mints provide a wonderful way to manage IBS symptoms like migraines and digestive issues. The healing properties of mint also help allergies such as hay fever and also soothe and calm rashes.

Liquorice of sorts

Liquorice root has both anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, soothes the stomach, helps with PMS, and is excellent for the adrenal glands. The other ingredients enhance these properties as well as the deep flavour of this tea so it warms and invigorates all at the same time.

Menopause flash dance

I created this tea to help toward alleviating some of the common symptoms of menopause like hot flushes, night sweats, joint stiffness and sleep deprivation. The mixture of herbs are strongly linked with balancing hormones and providing a sense of calmness.

Mum’s the word

Suitable to consume whilst breastfeeding, this tea is designed to help your body adapt to motherhood and rebalance hormones.

Ray of light

I use this tea in times when I feel a bit anxious or stressed. This warm and soothing hug in a mug helps lift the mood and reduce anxiety.

Rock-a-bye baby

This sleep tea was created to become part of a bedtime routine, encouraging sleep whilst not being so strong that you feel drowsy all day. It isn’t a magic cure but aids your routine as part of a good night time sequence.

Turmeric mixture

Turmeric is a powerful ingredient which helps to combat inflammation as well as reduce the symptoms of coughs and colds. As turmeric is meant to ‘heat’ the body, I have also added other ingredients and spices to amplify this feeling.

When life give you lemons!

I created this tea to give a caffeine-free pick me up! The ingredients provide the zinginess of the lemons and the warmth of ginger whilst the also promoting both a calming effect on the tummy and alertness of the mind.